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Marco, Inc. Joins Clearview Authorized Partner Network

May 29, 2008

Clearview Software, the premier innovators of contemporary Microsoft® SharePoint® based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions designed exclusively for Microsoft technology environments, today announced the addition of Marco, Inc., a leading integrated solutions provider of voice, data, video, and print, to the Clearview Authorized Partner Network. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Marco will market, sell, deliver, and support the Clearview ECM suite to its customers in the Upper Midwest region of the United States.

With 23 years of data networking experience, Marco is one of just a few companies with the expertise to build a solid network foundation and seamlessly connect voice, data, video, and print applications to help organizations achieve new levels of performance and productivity. Marco considered about a dozen software solutions before thoroughly evaluating three ECM suite options and ultimately selecting Clearview to bring added value to the information and content management of Marco’s customers.

“Clearview stood out because of the experience and strength of its management team and the product’s innovative encapsulation of Microsoft Office SharePoint,” said Jack Herold, Software Solutions Manager for Marco.

“We feel Clearview has a very unique value proposition for our customers because it is the only product in the marketplace that encapsulates SharePoint. This enhances the sizable investment many of our clients have already made in SharePoint by making it easy to access the Clearview functions without leaving SharePoint.”

“We welcome Marco to the Partner Network and are excited to be a part of its full integrated solutions portfolio,” said Steve Leichtman, Senior Vice President of Sales for Clearview Software. “Marco’s broad industry experience as a comprehensive integrated solutions provider and exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction make us very confident that it will be a key member of our Partner Network.”