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Clearview Announces Achievement of Microsoft Platform Test Certification

February 19, 2008

Clearview Software, pioneers of Microsoft® SharePoint® based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology, today announced that the Clearview ECM suite has successfully completed testing for Microsoft certification in ISV (Independent Software Vendor)/Software Solutions.

Clearview is now certified for the following five Microsoft platform components: Managed Code, SQL® Server 2005, Web Services plus .NET Framework, Windows® Client, and Windows Server.

The certification process, conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies, helps developers prepare, test, and retool their applications to meet the requirements of Microsoft third-party product certification programs, as well as earn points for the Microsoft Partner Program. Each certification program offers ISVs the opportunity to assure customers and partners of the highest quality and interoperability.

“This achievement represents our commitment to providing exceptional ECM solutions that are built exclusively for the Microsoft technology environment,” said Ken Creech, Chief Technology Officer of Clearview Software. “In addition to helping us maintain our Gold Certified ISV status, this certification more importantly gives our customers and partners assurance that the Clearview ECM suite will operate harmoniously and non-disruptively within their Microsoft-centric IT environment.”

Clearview has introduced a fresh approach to ECM that uniquely leverages the native ECM capabilities of SharePoint as core components of the Clearview ECM suite architecture. By extending SharePoint with transactional document imaging, report management (COLD), and business process management, Clearview delivers enterprise-class ECM functionality that rivals legacy ECM products. Furthermore, the Office 2007 user experience provided throughout the Clearview client interface provides information workers with a familiar Microsoft experience designed to promote ease-of-use and rapid adoption of ECM on every worker desktop.


Clearview Unveils New IRISS Desktop Gadget at 2007 AIIM Conference & Expo

April 17, 2007

Clearview Software, pioneers of the new era of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) designed on the Microsoft® technology platform, today demonstrated their latest product innovation that will inspire new trends in the ECM market. The unique Clearview IRISS Desktop Gadget, delivering a brand new style of user interface and interaction with ECM, was revealed to the public at the 2007 AIIM Conference & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts.

Inspired by the new Windows Vista operating system, the IRISS Desktop Gadget sets new levels of innovation designed to simplify and expand the usage of ECM technology throughout the business enterprise.

IRISS derives its name from the Clearview corporate logo, as well as the acronym for the functionality it delivers: Integrated Repositories – Integrated Search & Store.

Essentially, the Clearview IRISS floats on the desktop like other Vista “gadget” applications, waiting for the user to activate on-demand content or document services. With the simplicity and ease of drag-and-drop functionality, information workers can quickly retrieve document or content information directly from their line of business applications, eliminating the need for special and costly programming or integration services. Additionally, documents or other types of business content created on the desktop are just as easily dropped on the IRISS Desktop Gadget and then stored in the Clearview ECM repository.

“We were truly impressed by Clearview’s new IRISS desktop technology,” stated Bill W. Jones, President of Branson Bank. “We thought that the IRISS would have such a positive impact on how our users would interact with documents and content on the desktop that we recently selected the Clearview ECM solution over products offered by alternative vendors. The IRISS gadget provides a fast and easy way for end users to access archived documents. This will enable greater use of the image (content) solution platform across our company, providing greater efficiency and improved transaction quality.”

Providing access to all information across the enterprise with the Clearview repository federation and aggregation technology, the IRISS Desktop Gadget goes significantly beyond providing basic content services to the casual desktop user. For an advanced and content intense user experience, IRISS can be configured to run with the advanced Office 2007 inspired, Windows rich Clearview Client, or with the easy to implement, thin Clearview Web Client. Priced per individual desktop workstation similar to conventional PC-based software, the Clearview IRISS Desktop Gadget quickly establishes a new standard for ECM desktop user experiences.

Clearview Announces ACE Award Nomination

April 10, 2007

Clearview Software, innovators of the fresh, new approach to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) built exclusively on the Microsoft® technology platform, is proud to announce its selection as a finalist in the ECM Connection ACE Awards in the Banking/Finance category.

The ACE designation honors a company’s accomplishments and achievements in three specific categories: Appeal, Content, and Education. According to the ECM Connection staff, appeal refers to the company’s innovative, feature-rich product line; content refers to the valuable information resources offered on the company’s Web site and in its marketing collateral; and education refers to the vendor’s outstanding outreach programs and services.

Twenty-three finalists have been chosen around six industry and vertical market categories: Government, Healthcare, Banking/Finance, Compliance, High-Volume Scanning, and Low-Volume Scanning. Clearview Software, with its innovative new Clearview™ ECM suite, has been selected as an award finalist in the Banking/Finance category. The winners will be announced live at the upcoming 2007 AIIM Conference & Expo on April 17 in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Clearview is honored to be highlighted with this award nomination as we make our debut at the AIIM 2007 Conference and Expo,” said Michael Ball, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy for Clearview Software. “Our commitment and vision to provide highly innovative ECM solutions, combined with superb customer service and high levels of educational excellence are making an impact on the rapidly evolving ECM market.”

As the first solution to bring enterprise-class features and functionality to the mid-market, Clearview delivers rich ECM functionality that is highly extensible. Document imaging, document management, report management, workflow, retention services, email management, and records management are all bundled into a simplified package. Furthermore, the Office 2007 user experience enables information workers to interact with Clearview 4 through a feature-rich Microsoft Windows based Client, an optional Web Client interface, or the intriguing new Clearview IRISS Desktop Gadget. The IRISS Desktop Gadget is a brand new Windows Vista inspired mini-application that delivers a revolutionary user experience for the instant retrieval or storage of business information and content.

Technically, Clearview 4 is the first ECM solution built 100% on modern technological standards, including Microsoft .NET, SharePoint® Server 2007, Office 2007, SQL Server 2005, XML, and SOA/Web Services. Of particular interest, Clearview creates a virtual enterprise repository designed to federate, aggregate, and enhance the organization of SharePoint Server sites, or third party content or document repositories across an organization. With the simple-to-use, intuitive Clearview desktop experience, information workers can easily gain security controlled access to their allowed content across the enterprise. This level of content federation and organization has never before been available in the mid-market.

Clearview Software invites AIIM Conference & Expo attendees to explore the innovative Clearview ECM solution at Booth #2658 and the Microsoft Partner Pavilion, where personal demonstrations of Clearview 4 will be performed. Additional information can also be found at: