Branson Bank Selects Clearview Content Management Solution

Clearview Software, premier innovators of contemporary Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions designed exclusively for Microsoft® technology environments, is pleased to announce that Branson Bank, a $123 million asset community bank headquartered in Branson, Missouri, has selected Clearview for its new enterprise content management implementation. Branson Bank, one of the fastest growing banks in its region, will be implementing its first-ever ECM solution, with a vision toward assisting with the Bank’s compliance and regulatory initiatives, providing greater bank process efficiency, and enabling exemplary levels of customer satisfaction.

Branson had been looking for over three years for the right solution to enable them to get control over the ever-growing volumes of paper-based and electronic information within the Bank. After reviewing many systems from multiple vendors, Branson determined Clearview to be the best choice for its customers and employees. Clearview’s support levels and ECM technology innovation were highlighted during the selection process.

“We were truly impressed by Clearview’s new IRISS Desktop Gadget. We thought that the IRISS would have such a positive impact on how our users would interact with documents and content on the desktop that we selected the Clearview ECM solution over products offered by alternative vendors,” said Bill W. Jones, President of Branson Bank.

“The IRISS Desktop Gadget provides a fast and easy way for end users to access archived documents and other types of business information. This will enable greater use of the image (content) solution platform across our company, providing greater efficiency and improved transaction quality.”

“Clearview is proud to add Branson Bank to the Clearview user community,” said Phil Pascarelli, President of Clearview. “Branson’s recognition of both our technology innovation along with our strong commitment to customer support and satisfaction is very gratifying. We look forward to working with Branson Bank for many years to come.”

Clearview brings an exciting, new ECM solution built specifically for Microsoft technology and application environments. With rich ECM functionality and elegant simplicity, Clearview enables any organization to regain control over critical business information, while improving the quality of business decisions, enhancing workplace productivity, and increasing operational and process efficiency. With Clearview, businesses now have the power to reduce costs and increase their competitive agility in today’s demanding business environment.


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